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Project Management

Our clients rely on us to be their advocates - to take charge, ensuring project management flows smoothly among all parties, managing unexpected setbacks before they impact on budget, quality or schedule - doing what it takes to get the job done right, and safely. Earning that trust is as important to Baycor as our commitment to the highest standard in service and delivery for our clients.

For tenants and landlords interested in expediting construction, design or site location projects, Baycor provides a professional project management service from inception to move-in ready, including sourcing architects, designers, budgeting, pre-qualifying subcontractors, technical co-ordination, scheduling of trades and organizing site inspections. Our expert general contracting services are offered to clients at a competitive rate, and upon professional execution of the work, Baycor can provide all of the ongoing service work as requested.

"Baycor will give your project
the attention to detail that is needed
to ensure the project is completed
on time and on budget."

Patricia Poyntz, General Manager, Cadillac Fairview