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Budgeting and Feasibility Studies

More information at the outset of a project - Baycor's core belief and experience - leads to fewer surprises at substantial completion. We try to reduce any confusion between designer and end user through itemized budgets and schedules based on specifications and drawings. With practical information in hand, clients can understand the actual costs, schedules and challenges associated with the project.

Not sure whether to renovate or move to a new location? When requested, we'll work with you to evaluate sites and designs - offering options on the cost and time to redevelop each - allowing you to make informed choices.

Small Contracts

We take as much pride in the smaller projects - the new office that needs to be built or the wall that needs painting - as we do the major ones. Our clients rely on the fact that they can call upon us at any time, for whatever work they need; and our years of experience and pride in performance stand behind every nail, tile and brush stroke.

Being responsive to our clients' needs is a key source of pride at Baycor. It isn't always major projects that cause the phone to ring; often it's the smaller ones, which is why we have a first class team of trades - people ready to respond to our clients. Whether it's a new office that needs to be built, or just a wall painted, our clients know they can rely on Baycor. We stand behind all of our work, regardless of the size of project.

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Not all firms have the knowledge and expertise to handle asbestos abatement and mold remediation, but Baycor does. And we can expedite the processes quickly and safely, within strict compliance of government regulations.